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About Us

DoItBetter.Life is a sustainable lifestyle store. It is born out of the idea that it is possible to consume more intelligently and live the "good life" by being more intentional about purchasing. 
Sustainable consumption is related to the purchase, use and disposal of products and services. Sustainability in lifestyles is a broader concept and includes activities such as interpersonal relationships, leisure activities, sports and education as well as, but not limited to, material consumption. Lifestyles are based on past and current consumption and production patterns and are intricately interwoven with people’s everyday choices and practices. We think we can influence these choices and practices. 
Creating a sustainable lifestyle takes a lifelong commitment – to learning, experimenting, exploring, committing to increasingly sustainable practices and, above all, loving. Because beyond all of the frightening news; beyond the frustrating politics; beyond the failed international agreements, there is one question – how do you want to live your life? With fear – or with love? Choose to love. It works. 
We think that there are three essential steps to living sustainably:
  1. SIMPLIFYING: Simplifying as much as possible – minimizing clutter in all areas of life – is the first of two essential steps for kick-starting a sustainable life.
  2. TAKING A FULL INVENTORY: Taking a thorough inventory of ones life – our purchases of products and services, our modes of transportation, etc. is the second critical step. It helps us really understand how we are living now in order to identify and shift away from unsustainable choices.
  3. MAKING A LIFELONG COMMITMENT: An earnest, lifelong commitment to make the most loving choice each and every time. The first two steps build sustainability into our lives, making this commitment easier to keep. It also gets easier as our satisfaction with our new lifestyle grows.
Four times a week we publish detailed long-form guides featuring products that help you help you optimise for time, productivity, sustainable materials, costs, minimalism and durability.
We encourage you to purchase from us because we really care about a "better you". We offer the following guarantees:
  • We guarantee that our products are priced transparently and fairly for everyone. 
  • We guarantee that our shipping uses re-used or re-cycled packaging and uses little or no plastic. 
  • We guarantee that goods listed on our website are tested for quality, fair production costs and durability.
  • We guarantee that we prioritize wood, glass, hemp, cotton, paper and other sustainable materials.
  • We guarantee that we encourage re-usable goods, simple goods and beautiful minimal artistry.